The Few, the Proud, the Hyphenated

Posted on March 20, 2005


Anyone who enjoys this blog–all two of you–may be interested in knowing that I am having a banner month in the periodical industry, with an article in March’s Extra! Magazine False Images, Lost Context: Nightline Misremembers Arafat and a letter published in April’s Harper’s, The Thin Green Line. I would have said that the latter was kind of an honor for a dumb little self-educated writer from the hillbilly flatlands of San Leandro until I read the letter that followed mine–a zionist screed lacking literary form or intellectual substance. Oh well, at least my name came first in the table of contents. If you want to read a more in-depth version of my letter, and I really mean more in-depth, then scroll down and look for “Saving Israel from Itself…and Reality” by yours truly.