Big in Iraq

Posted on April 26, 2005


Many believe that a just war enobles nations–those just wars for liberation and independence or against oppression, the kind that supporters of the occupation of Iraq tend to liken to their current misadventure. If there was any doubt that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was not that kind of war, then pop media, which so accuately seems to mirror our American soul, demonstrates that it has not been. David Goyer, screenwriter of the upcoming Batman, for example, made this astonishing pronouncement about the impact of the US invasion of Iraq on his latest project in Entertainment Weekly (4/29/05).

I remember when I was writing, we were invading Iraq. And I was sitting on Chris’ porch [with] The New York Times. And on the front pages there’s a photograph just above the fold of this Marine in Fallujah and a bunch of Iraqi children around him. And one of the kids, who couldn’t have been more than 2, had no pants and a filthy, bloody T-shirt. A Batman T-shirt. I pointed to the photo and I said to Chris, ‘This is how big Batman is. This is what we’ve taken on here [emphasis added].’

In the same issue of the magazine, Ridley Scott worries that the war in Iraq might get in the way of box-office for his latest homage to imperialist western regimes, Kingdom of Heaven, saying “I hope it doesn’t distract from the movie.”

Good god, we’re freakin screwed!

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