Ban Lobster Fighting

Posted on August 22, 2007


I don’t care much for sports. If you want my honest opinion, professional sporting represents everything that’s wrong with this country; from its distraction of the public’s attention from important issues in our representative democracy, to its cheapening of the competitive spirit with doping and corporate logoism, to its financial extortion of American cities.

That being said, who the hell decided Michael Vic was the most evil man in the world? For christ’s sake, hundreds of thousands of cows are routinely slaughtered after living a life under the most inhumane conditions every year. In the poultry industry, the first experience of new born chicks is to have their beaks burnt off by a white hot electrical coil and thrown into a bin with hundreds of their brethren writhing in pain. This is not to exclude the game sports, where fish are ripped from their habitats with a hook through the lip, then left to suffocate slowly in a box for hours; where wounded and terrified deer are pursued for hours by hunters. And this is not to say anything of the plentitude of other creatures that we treat in great numbers with eccentric cruelty and disregard, for no better reason than we like it that way (let me just say the word Lobster here, and be done with it).

Many a discourse could have been started amongst our nation’s media punditry examining our nation’s innate and unique hypocrisy and cruelty to living beings vertebrate and otherwise, amphibious and hominoidal. Judging from the serious lack of reporting on the issues of our day, viz unfettered militarism and political corruption, its not like they’re doing anything else.