Gonzalez: An Unctious Creep To the End

Posted on August 27, 2007


What can I say about this juridical louse that has not yet reverberated in the echo chamber of cyberspace? He was a liar, he was a tool, he gave a bad name to struggling people of color everywhere.

Arguably his most despicable act, however, was his resignation speech. Rather than apologize to the people of the US–even the people of the world–for violating the law and using his position to cover an administration’s heinous and murderous policies, he congratulated himself on achieving the American dream. As if that were not bad enough, he outed his anglo-named children, who will now forever have to bear the public notoriety of having the most sniveling coward in the history of jurisprudence as their father. He even subpoenaed the balls to capitalize on his Chicano boot- strap narrative by claiming, “Even my worst days as Attorney General were better than my father’s best days. ”

Maybe he meant that his father would’ve gotten canned on the spot the first time he lied to his boss not, as in Gonzo Jr’s case, the quadrillionth. Maybe that is the American dream now adays–fucking shit over with impunity, leaving others to pick up the pieces, avoiding responsibility in perpetuity. God Bless America.