The ‘I Don’t Recall’ Defense: Works in the Men’s Toilet Too.

Posted on August 30, 2007


I’m not one for Schradenfruge–or however the f%$# you spell that. I would normally feel sorry for anyone in Senator Larry Craig’s position–anyone that is, who had not been trying to demonize other gay people for decades. There’s a lot of valid reasons why people stay in the closet, but none of them include the expediency of making political hay out of condemning homosexuality in a red state. I’ve heard some conservative commentators–most notably on Hannity and Colmes –claim that Craig isn’t a hypocrite. They posit that just because your gay (and in the closet), doesn’t mean you can’t oppose gay marriage and gay people. GOOD GOD! I know Americans are stupid, but they can’t possibly be stupid enough to believe that.

Which brings me to this very satisfying audio clip of Craig’s police interrogation after the arrest. Pay special attention toward the end at the unique disgust Minneapolis Police Sgt. David Karsnia, the arresting officer, shows for Craig–not because he is Gay, or soliciting sex in an airport toilet, or indeed, a Gay Senator soliciting sex in an airport toilet–but because he is using terms like “I don’t recall” to lie about things that happened just ten minutes earlier. My guess is that Karsnia will become the overnight hero of all those helpless constituents out there who have watched the likes of Gonzalez, Bush, and Rove insult their intelligence with lies of similar caliber over the last years.

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