Squeeze the Tube…

Posted on September 11, 2007


Here’s a couple of YouTube links sent to me or that I found in my trawls on the iNterNets:

My friend sent me this one. A collaboration of Alfonso Cuaron, Cuaron’s son, and his effects collaborator for Children of Men (sheesh, talk about lefty nepotism). Its a trailer for Naomi Klein’s new book the Shock Doctrine. I didn’t know books needed trailers these days, but you probably don’t read anyway. Damn kids.

In this clip, a Mr. Glenn Greenwald leads you on a tour of General David Petraeus’ many surreal and sunny proclamations on Iraq, starting in 2004 when the General was but a mild mannered state-side commander and bespectacled army college dean. Said a fresh faced Petraeus in the Washington Post:

Momentum has gathered in recent months. With strong Iraqi leaders up front and with continued coalition… support, this trend will continue.

Whew. Its a good thing we didn’t let that dumb-ass run things over there. Oh wait.

Anyway, I love Glenn Greenwald. The astute among you will note that he is not actually as cuddly as the little cartoon caricature on the Salon blog, but don’t let his robocop-like demeanor fool you, the guy knows his stuff. At the end of the video, go to the listed website to sign the petition. Yes, I know nothing will come of it, but nobody said being a witness to history would be fun.

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