Jon Stewart, ahem…

Posted on October 11, 2007


Ok, I have to be honest. I have worshipped Jon Stewart for years, and I am loathe to say anything negative about him–simply because he is literally the only person out there with access to the airwaves (or cable signals) that can talk straight about the daily avalanche of distortion spewed by our politicians and their subservient pundits.


Stewart’s guest last night was one Lynn Cheney. Really. The interview was far from hard hitting. While Stewart made a whole skit about toning down the show in advance of her appearance, there was little funny about the way that reality indeed played out. In his defense, he did make the valid point that a spouse should not be held responsible for the actions of their significant O. Fair enough. But L. Cheney is regularly dispatched by her husband to not only defend her husband’s political policies, but viciously attack anyone who would suggest holding him accountable. Check out this amazing CNN clip, where Cheney threatens the far from liberal news presenter, Wolf Blitzer, cautioning him not to refer to Bush’s domestic surveillance programs as domestic surveillance or extending the innocent until proven guilty thing to anyone therein accused by her husband’s administration. L. also accused CNN of running ‘terrorist propaganda’ and implied that Blitzer didn’t want “us to win”.

Stewart also went light on L. Cheney’s obvious distaste for talking about their lesbian daughter during her husbands ’00 and ’04 campaigns, especially when she accused John Kerry of being a “bad man” for mentioning the lesbian Cheney in a completely appropriate way in one of the presidential debates.

In early 2001, when her husband was still choosing the wallpaper for the vice prez’s office, she was a board member in the U.S. Commission on National Security in the 21st Century, who resigned when the panel was more interested in discussing al Q’aida than her then-favorite target for military attack, China.

In short, Lynne Cheney is a nasty and pitiless political operative in her own right, who may have even taught her hubby a trick or two. She doesn’t deserve any leniency simply because she wrote a pleasantly titled book, or because she is somebody’s wife.

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