Good News! Bombings Are Up!

Posted on October 23, 2007


Here’s a troubling article from the USA Today (today). US airstrike bombings in Iraq are up this year from 229 to 1,140. This will be news to the majority of Americans, who were never away of the previous 20 a month US bombing runs from last year. But obviously, this is good news because:

–More precise targeting and smaller bombs have made it easier for the Air Force to support ground troops in counterinsurgencies, such as those in Afghanistan and Iraq.–“We’re hitting within 15 feet of where we’re aiming,” [Brig. Stephen] Mueller said.

–Some bombs are “designed to take one building and not the whole block,” Mueller said.

Apparently, the bombs of 2003-2006 took out whole neighborhoods and unintended targets. Horroray for US know-how!