Thomas Friedman: Incompetence Expert

Posted on December 8, 2008


Rarely is it a good sign when a columnist starts out a piece with the words, “I’ve been thinking lately”. Trust that what you are about to experience is the completely uninformed opinion of someone who faces no real threat of job loss.

Such is the wonderful life of Thomas Friedman. Today he worries that our government may throw away billions of dollars on an auto industry that may not be ready to implement the “Friedman Plan” for the revivification of the domestic auto industry. But more to the point of what he’s been thinking: his thoughts lead him to fear that we might “entrust the spending to people who have run their businesses into the ground”. He fears an economic stimulus for the auto industry that veers away from the Friedman formula may be remembered by our debt-ridden children as the ‘burden of their lifetime.

Yes, this is the same Friedman who argued and argued and screamed and stomped for the Iraq war, which unlike the possibly unsound stimulus package Obama might unleash, will certainly be remembered by our children as the burden of their lifetime with an estimated cost of 1 trillion dollars before its through.  This is the same Thomas Friedman that convinced Americans to look away for three years from the conflagration that Iraq became, because we would turn a corner within ‘six months’. This is the same Thomas Friedman, who after years of incredibly wrong-headed thinking about the most serious foreign-policy blunder in modern history, wants us to make sure that the execs over at GMC are fired for their failures. Yes, this is the same Thomas Friedman who still gets book deals, who still has a job at America’s paper of record. The guy, who, after proving that he is a completely incompetent in the area of international affairs, now has a green car revolution he wants to sell you.

Sorry, I know you must get tired of hearing it. I know I get tired of writing it. But every once in a while it just has to be done for the sake of the historical record.