The Ricci Case

Posted on May 28, 2009


Its been interesting getting up to speed on the Ricci case. I have to say, I’m still a bit hazy on all the specifics. But all you really need to say, part-time do-gooders,  when some crazed lady taps you on the shoulder on the train and asks you why Sotomayor hates white people, is this:

Sotomayor found that the city of New Haven adhered to the law when it threw out the test results. Other judges in her own court and in lower courts found the same thing. If you don’t like that, its not Sotomayor or those other judges you don’t like, its the law; and in that case, you are free to go the way of the tea-bagger and stand in front of something for a few hours with a protest sign and a slightly antagonistic dazed look.

For a deeper, but also summary view, see this post by Paul, also known as PDA–

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