Thirty Words to Judge a Lifetime By

Posted on July 15, 2009


Day Two of the Media’s Intensive Analsyis of the “Wise Latina” comment, Tuesday July 14, 2009.

Here’s the lead-off of the Mid Day News Break at CNN Newsroom. As you can see, the most important and earth-shattering issue is the relative wisdom of Latinas, whether they should be wise and how wise they should be:

As usual, the spectacle of absurdity wouldn’t be complete without the anchor wondering aloud why the “Wise Latina” issue has such enduring fascination. In fact, one can’t even blame this on Republicans anymore. Sure, they did go after her on the one paragraph from her speech, over and over, even after she was forced to “apologize” for it. But they did bring up other issues–not actually, substantive issues, given Sotomayor’s novel length resume, but other issues, nonetheless.

Here’s Chris Matthews leading off with the Wise Latina comment again later Tuesday, and making sure that he imbues the excerpt from the speech with the absolutely most incorrect meaning imaginable.

Its now completely acceptable to discourse about the comment completely removed from its context. Its official, now, Chris Matthews has told you, after deep study of every single one of those thirty words–“she could render a better judgment than someone else”.

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