Breitbart: From Reptilian to Pre-Cambrian

Posted on July 22, 2010


This man is going straight to hell when he dies. Igniting the disgusting spectacle of the last few days was not enough; Breitbart has posted another clip from the same video, also taken out of context and so vague that the lizard in question has to sound out the “racism” for his audience of troglodytes—“Shirley Sherrod Laments Land Being Sold to a White Man”…

And no, she does nothing of the kind. Here’s an excerpt from the transcript:

You know, I was helping a family here recently. 515 acres of land, never had a drop of debt on it since the grandfather bought it years ago and he — he died in 1974. And two cousins up in the North, guess what they decided? They tried to force a sale of every acre of it. And they wanted that — one of their aunts spent all of her life on the land. She was 93 years old when she died. And she died after those “For Sale” signs went up out there on that farm — auction sign went up on the farm. She was in the hospital. The next month she was dead. That was January — she was dead by October.

But we kept working at it. And we found some honest lawyers — they were white — I wish I could say that about all lawyers, especially black lawyers, but they will nickel and dime you to death. I don’t have — sorry — I don’t have two dozen pennies for most lawyers. But anyway that land has been saved, you know

But they were trying to force a sale of all of it. They’ll eventually get 62 acres of the 515. And guess what? They have a white man already lined up to buy it. And it’s the man on [unclear 34:41], which is what he wanted.

That’s where Breitbart’s clip ends. It wouldn’t be Right Wing Media unless it was obviously decontextualized. Like the action film audiences unsatisfied unless the bad guy is thrown out a window and impaled on a spiked fence post, Breitbart’s fans seem to want to be misled for the sheer thrill of it. Here’s what comes after:

But you can — what I want to say to you — you can do good. And y’all going to be smart. You’re going to go on and — and get good jobs. Look, reach back and help somebody. That’s what we were taught. That’s what our folk did, you know. It looks like the more — the better we do, the more free we are, the more divided we become, you know. It looks like we don’t care about each other any more. You know, that’s why kids can just, you know — y’all know what happened in the day. He did something wrong, everybody in the community got you, you know. Well that does happen anymore. And we have to get back to that.

It seems pretty clear to me that this is a story about a historically oppressed people looking after the little they do have as they acquire more rights, and there really is no “lamentation” about white owners unless you squint really hard and want to see that above everything else. The next thing you know, Breitbart will be doing an expose on those Israeli Jews with their discriminatory land ownership laws.