From the Self-Cleaning Bigotry Aisle

Posted on August 6, 2010


One of the these judges should be barred from hearing Affirmative Action Cases. Can you guess which one?

In the New York Daily News today:

“The federal judge who upended California’s same-sex marriage ban this week is now being scrutinized by some for being gay himself. Which raises another question – should his sexual orientation even matter?”

Related Stupid Questions


–Adopted Judges be allowed to oversee adoption hearings?
–Divorced male Judges be allowed to rule on child custody trials?
–Hummer owning Judges be allowed to weigh in on vehicle safety class actions?
–Naturalized Citizen Judges be allowed to administer immigration hearings?
–Porn-Addicted Judges be allowed to issue opinion on public decency trials?
–Rimming enthusiast Judges be allowed to oversee Sodomy trials?
–Dog Rescue Volunteering Judges be allowed to oversee animal cruelty hearings?
–Alcoholic Judges be allowed to hear drunk driving trials?
–Catholic judges be allowed to adjudicate divorce hearings?
–Watchmen Loving Judges be barred from hearing the [insert current Alan Moore related Lawsuit here]

In short: Should his sexual orientation matter? What the f^%@! do you think?