Dirty Sexy Synergy

Posted on August 31, 2010


A recurring theme in my writing lately has been the increasingly nonplussed attitude of our hegemonic overlords. Previously, they took some measure to hide the fact that a handful of people own everything and run the government and media. Not anymore. They’re letting it all hang out. Here’s Disney-ABC’s George Stephanopolous, gushing, and gushing, and gushing—really literally having multiple orgasms—about the genius of Meghan McCain and her new book, “Dirty, Sexy Politics”.  It’s also no secret that Stephanopolous would give a full body massage to Idi Amin for a bucket of curly fries, but this is Stephanopolous deep into the homage zone.

I won’t lie;  it’s not like I have a Bagdhikian-like chart in my head that shows that Hyperion, the company that publishes Meghan McCain’s book, is owned by Disney-ABC. I just assumed it was. And a five-minute google search confirmed it.

Kidding aside, this is really disturbing. The daughter of an elected official, who worked for her father’s campaign—and no doubt has a serious future ahead of her in the ranks of our oligarchy, thanks only to her filial relationship with her father—accessing power through a powerful media company, through the guise of literature. The system for ‘manufacturing consent’ grows tighter and more compact by the day.