Glenn Beck, I Heed Your Words

Posted on September 10, 2010


“I can’t imagine being a Muslim and saying honey, let’s get into the car…I think it would be in poor taste….it’s in poor taste, it’s the day after the anniversary of 9-11″

That was the wisdom of Glenn Beck, as he insisted that any American Muslim daring to show his/her face on the “day after” the anniversary of 9-11 would offend…well, I guess he meant they would offend “real” Americans. Who am I to buck a trend? Though I am “half” “Muslim”, I am only one-third American, so I guess I better stay in doors and keep my Mohammedan mouth shut (I’ll check the math later).

Thus, in honor of Glenn Beck–the one American who’s obviously suffered most due to the tragedy of 9-11–no blogging today or tomorrow. Wait, is the day before the anniversary of 9-11 okay? I knew I should’ve checked with him.