…only in a re-run

Posted on December 31, 2010


The Guardian reports that:

Schwarzenegger told Variety magazine he had not yet decided what to do with his future, but confirmed that acting was on the list of possibilities. The Austrian-born former bodybuilder recently took a cameo in the Sylvester Stallone action movie The Expendables, further signalling, perhaps, his willingness to return to the big screen following seven years in political office.

I think the late great Richard Dawson said it best:

There’s some more stuff in the subject area of Schadenfreude here and here:

Lastly, when your grandchildren ask you what you people were thinking when you elected this buffoon, show them this. It won’t make you look any better, but you can at least laugh at how dumb people were back then. Right before you complain about Governor Vin Diesel.

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