Protecting Your Right to Free Speech at Quantico

Posted on January 20, 2011


I hope I live long to see the bs highlighted below become the sort of comment that evokes immediate and uncontrollable laughter across a wide swath of the American public.

QUANTICO — Singing “We Shall Overcome” and blowing whistles, about 150 activists marched outside Quantico Marine Corps base Monday to protest what they call the inhumane treatment of Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, accused of providing classified documents to the WikiLeaks website.

Military police officers, Town of Quantico and Prince William County lawmen stood by as the group crossed U.S. 1 and marched to the arch at the base entrance that reads “Quantico Crossroads of the Marine Corps.” The protestors were not permitted to go past the arch.

“They’re exercising their First Amendment rights that the Marines that are standing here are sworn to uphold and defend and that falls under the Constitution,” said Quanticospokesman1st Lt. Scott Villiard. “Good on them. They’ve got their beliefs. They should be able to express those beliefs. At the same time, we have responsibilities, and as long as they continue to exercise their free speech rights in a peaceful manner then everything will work out.”

I would really like to hear about a war over the past one hundred years, in which the Marines defended the constitutional right to free speech. If anything, wars are the greatest affliction American free speech faces, as the military censors the people it shanghais into service and the government passes laws to limit and criminalize protest and speech of its citizens, such as the Espionage and Patriot Acts. The Marines have been more than happy to march right past such assaults on free speech on their way to decimating the societies of Iraq and Afghanistan on the American tax payer dime.

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