What a surprise…Update:

Posted on February 9, 2011


Over the weekend, Israel exonerated itself for the Mavi Marmara massacre, and even went one step further in finding that its blockade of Gaza, which it admittedly uses to terrorize Palestinians into overthrowing their elected government, was totally cool and extremely legal. Prime Minister Netanyahu complained that:

…every time Israel needs to defend itself, it is charged with committing war crimes.

In other news, Anakin Skywalker remarked, “from my point of view, you’re evil.”


A Turkish, English-Language News Site claims that Turkey Has Backed Down from its principled stand of a few months ago:

A Turkish official has shed further light on how a crisis between Turkey and Israel over a deadly raid on an aid ship last year could evolve in the future, saying Ankara would not pursue the prosecution of those responsible for the raid in international courts and suggesting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not responsible for the deadly operation.

Well, that’s that, then. I wrote how obviously contrived was Turkey’s response and predicted that nothing would come of it. I’m sad to be right, but I don’t know how anyone could be surprised.

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