Bieber vs. Bibi

Posted on April 14, 2011


It’s taken me a while to figure out what the story is on Justin Bieber’s visit to Israel,  as vague and spartan as the reporting has been. Apparently, this story is all about Bieber making sure that no one thinks that some misunderstanding regarding children in Sderot is a political stand of any kind. Hurray. Tweets Bieber:

“I want to see this country and all the places I’ve dreamed of and whether its the paps [paparazzi] or being pulled into politics its been frustrating”.

Yeah, Justin. It sucks when all you want to do is visit a country in a half century long illegal occupation, and make a few million dollars, and people want to know what you think about important things. Things like: how do you feel about an Israeli attack that killed 9 civilians in Gaza? Or even: what do you think of Hamas attacks inside of Israel?

It would be better if no one ever asked you what you thought about anything.

Note: I changed the title. I can’t believe I didn’t see that in the first place…

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