The Military Force-Multiplier Rehash Act is Back

Posted on May 11, 2011


The MF’R–known in some quarters as the DREAM Act–is back. Although details are still sketchy, Dick Durbin and Harry Reid are scheduled to reintroduce the act at a press conference tomorrow.

Dick Durbin’s official Senate Website has a DREAM Act page, with tomorrow’s date, listing all the great things the DREAM Act will do for America, which, as unlikely as it seems look the same as the last version. At the top of the list?

The DREAM Act would benefit the U.S. Armed Forces. Tens of thousands of highly-qualified, well-educated young people would enlist in the Armed Forces if the DREAM Act becomes law. The Defense Department’s FY 2010-12 Strategic Plan includes the DREAM Act as a means to help “shape and maintain a mission-ready All Volunteer Force.” Defense Secretary Gates, who supports the DREAM Act, says it “will result in improved recruitment results and attendant gains in unit manning and military performance.” General Colin Powell has also endorsed the DREAM Act, saying, “Immigration is what’s keeping this country’s lifeblood moving forward.”

My guess is that this part will be the one aspect that remains completely unchanged. Look for even more reductions of anything beneficial in the parts of the bill meant to guide kids towards college. They already banned undocumented kids from receiving the Pell Grant. I guess they’ll just have to work their way through school. Oh wait…

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