Palestinian Papers Leaker Reveals Himself

Posted on May 15, 2011


One of the main leakers–but apparently not the only one–of the Palestine Papers, has revealed himself today in twin op-eds in the Guardian and Al Jazeera. I’m glad to see not only the revelation, but Clot’s pointed critique of the Oslo Process and the current state of Palestinian affairs participation in it has engendered. Looking over many of the commentaries and reporting about the Palestinian Authority’s new-found pep in seeking a way out of the perenial ‘negotiations’ paralysis, it seems like this once quite well-circulated critique has disappeared. In the uncritical narrative that remained, Abbas would simply walk into the UN and declare his state. The world would overwhelmingly approve, Israel would be marginalized and suddenly, and overnight, a state would appear where an occupation and corrupt client dictatorship had stood for over a decade. It seemed that it would be obviously not so easy. I’m heartened to hear that others are saying so out loud as well. Kudos to Clot’s brave act–which could have, and still can, result in legal action.

Ali Abunimah at Electronic Intifada has more on the story.

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