US Uncut Event, June 4, Union Sq. 1pm

Posted on May 31, 2011


An activist from USUncut sent me the following message, and so I thought I’d do my best to distribute it.


I am writing you today because anti-austerity movements are growing all over the world, including here in the U.S., and I believe this is our time to pull together and not only save the programs and services we need most but improve them. I encourage all groups involved in trying to “uncut” the budget cuts to band together and join forces. The next US Uncut creative action in SF is:

Teachers, Textbooks, Education, Public Services NOT [corporate] Tax Breaks!
Saturday June 4th at 1pm
Meet at Union Square Park in SF
Target: Apple Computers for trying to dodge $4 billion and leading a tax cheat lobbying group (
This will be a fun, informative, direct action flashmob. For details visit our FB page.
Invite: everyone you know!
Our demands:
Apple: Leave the Tax Cheat Lobbying Group ) and Stop Lobbying Congress for More Tax Loopholes
Congress: No More Budget Cuts – No Multi-Billion Dollar Tax Holiday For Corporate Tax Cheats

$4 billion in tax breaks for Apple OR salaries for 90,000 teachers?

Funding for education, vital social services, job creation, and health care services is being cut on national, state and local levels. The U.S. doesn’t have a spending problem (excluding it’s insatiable military spending), it has a revenue problem. One of the main reasons is that 2/3 of U.S. corporations use tax loopholes to avoid over $100 billion per year in taxes — funding that could be used to preserve the programs and services that are being cut.

Let’s get creative and do something about this! US Uncut is a 5 month-old grassroots movement taking direct action against corporate tax cheats and unnecessary and unfair public service cuts across the U.S. It is creating ways for individuals and groups to get involved, among other things, by providing fact-checked research and numbers tying the amount of money being dodged by tax cheating corporations to specific cuts, which gives the public tangible ways to understand and address the issue. For example, Bank of America dodged $1.7 billion in 2009, which could have been used to save much of the Head Start and Title 1 programs for early childhood education. Apple Computers wants to dodge $4 billion by lobbying Congress for a “tax holiday” so they can bring back profits that it has stashed in a foreign tax haven — these funds could save 90,000 teachers’ jobs. US Uncut also provides downloadable materials and action plans for individuals and groups to throw an action anywhere in the

Apple isn’t such a bad apple when compared to the level of tax cheating carried out by the banks, oil companies, GE,… but it definitely doesn’t pay its fair share. They present themselves as a social responsible & progressive company, so we are challenging them to stand up to the image they’re trying to project and “Pay Up!” As one of the most profitable companies in the US, they do not, in any way, NEED these tax breaks.

We’ve got the audience: US Uncut’s campaign challenging Apple for their tax dodge is being picked up by national press and major tech and business news outlets: The Nation, CNET, Business Insider, Digital Trends, PC World, Mac Observer, 9to5mac, Macnn (ipodnn), MacTech to name a few. We only announced this a few days ago, so our bold tactics are striking a chord. Our video Apple: Tax Cheating Doesn’t Sync with My Values is appearing on sites all over the web

Check it out. Join us next Saturday. Dance, shout, hoot ‘n holler! We’re not going to take these cuts anymore!

Looking forward to making noise with you next weekend and in the future. Let us know if you or those around you are affected by the cuts and if you want to get involved in the movement. If you’re already involved, let’s join forces!

In solidarity,
US Uncut SF team

find us & join actions:

Besides the fact that the millionaire tax rate is lower than it’s ever been since before WWII, 2/3 of US corporations avoid virtually all of their taxes causing the country to lose up to $100 Billion each year. Washington is proposing a plan to save 1 trillion over the next decade by slashing vital services instead of collecting from those who use loopholes to skirt around the law and rob the country of necessary funds. We say, there is another way: collect taxes from corporate tax cheats instead of balancing the budget off the backs of hard-working people across the nation.

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