If the Tea Party was Real…

Posted on August 6, 2011


If only the Tea Party was a legitimate reaction to over-reaching federal authority and unconstitutional governance! Today’s announcement by the DHS and ICE that it will terminate its charade of “optional” participation in Secure Communities, and now make the program mandatory–with the potential mandatory implementation in every state and district in the US –would have tea partiers out in the streets, phoning their congressmen and entreating legislators to angry rain and urine soaked metaphors throughout America’s town halls.

Sadly, it seems they believe it’s a brown thing. Maybe they think that the legislation will only empower police to share biometric data, and act as de facto immigration enforcers for the people who deserve it. The pleasant sounding name and un-American looking target group keep Tea Party activists from realizing that everyone can be caught up in the Secure Communities immigration net; that the biometric data that’s recovered will go into a national database, immigrant or not; that that database is the forerunner of national, centralized biometric databases [NGI] to come; that the deterioration in police efficacy will affect all communities, not just those associated with immigrants; and its most likely to deport low level offenders, and the innocent, not the hard-core criminals that the program claims to target.

It doesn’t seem to bother these constitutionalists, who seem to have a specific agenda attached to their constitutional dogma that conveniently ignores the people they don’t like. They think that somehow by magic, programs that suspend civil rights for questionable short-term results will know to ignore them.

Here’s how the Tea Party Review, a national organ for the movement, describes Secure Communities, a program so enthusiastically celebrated that they want people to protest for its mandatory implementation:

What’s the Secure Communities program? It’s a tool to arrest and deport illegal immigrants who have committed heinous crimes like rape, murder, kidnapping and drug-trafficking.

Of course, police will know Tea Partiers are Americans by the muted colors of their all-American work clothes; and just to be sure, Tea Partiers can keep the sun from browning them with the well-worn brims of baseball caps and by wrapping the other exposed flesh in the American flag.

Remember this, Tea Party Patriots; first they came for [insert group here]. It’s not just an old poem about Jews, Commies and SEIU thugs.

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