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In Memorium to Helen Hill, Also Known As Chicken

January 7, 2007


This morning I was riding my bike to a coffee shop to get some writing done; there were a couple of kind of heavy things on my mind and I didn’t know where to put them. As I biked, I passed by two guys trying to push an aged Westfalia van onto Market St. and […]

Not so Bad

January 4, 2007


Looking over the stuff I’ve written in the past month or two, alot of it seems aimed at portraying myself in a bad light. Some of that comes from having an exceptionally rough few months of it, of wanting to finish the job, so to speak, to view myself in the worst possible light, thus […]

A Death at the Dungeons and Dragons Convention

January 2, 2007


I played a little Dungeons and Dragons in high school. Worse, I was far more enamored of a super hero role playing game called Champions. At least D&D had some cultural weight to throw around, inspired as it was by the works of Tolkien and the ancient mythologies of the nordic world. But Champions was […]

The Greater Courage

December 31, 2006


I suppose alot of these quasi-memoirs will take place in Palestine. Even though I only spent a little a little less than two years there, there were so many new and confusing and horrible experiences that I’m still struggling with much of it almost 5 years later. Its not what you probably think. It wasn’t […]

Write Back in Anger

October 15, 2006


Its become a tradition for the letters to the editors pages of American papers and magazines to publish a dozen or so wrathful communiques in response to in-depth writing on the issue of Palestine and Israel. This is meant to make the publication appear balanced, which in this case, generallly means letting the kooks from […]

Celeste Victoria

September 11, 2006


I posted the little piece below up on a website that claimed to be a memorial for those who died in the World Trade Center. A few minutes after posting, I noticed that it was little more than a right-wing propaganda site. I hate this world. In any case, I’m glad I put it out […]

What We Mean When We Say I’ll Kill You

July 22, 2006


Many people think of California as some sort of liberal beacon of enlightenment, and the San Francisco Bay Area as the beacon for the beacon, but I am here to tell you to abandon such notions. Yesterday morning, I was drinking a coffee and reading the paper in front of Peet’s in the Grand Lake […]