General Assembly Audio Recordings 11/16/11–

These links will lead you to downloadable audio files stored on Internet Archive, an open source archive for video and audio.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly: 11/16/11 Partial (Technical glitch, lost first forty or so minutes), but virtually complete proposal process for evening

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/18/11 Pt. 1 Emergency proposal to rescind 19th/Telegraph occupation, others…

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/18/11 PT. 2. Emergency proposal to reoccupy Frank Ogawa Plaza was cut off, but I asked proposers to re-read it aloud. At end, some music by Eric Drooker and friends…

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/20/11 Proposal on property destruction, contention and discussion about facilitation process, proposal submission

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/21/11 Occupy the Hood announcement made; Shellmound action solidarity proposal passes; announcement of 18th/Linden West Oakland Occupation of Foreclosed lot; incredibly long prose-osal read, prompts long series of denouncements about wasting time.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/23/11 Proposal to change Sunday GA to 2pm starting December 3 passes; proposal to begin Occupy Oakland Vigil w/tents in Plaza passed; proposal for anti-ALEC solidarity action with Occupy Phoenix passes; proposal for poc/gender quota system of GA stack fails, interesting convo around cons raised mostly by people of color; some issues w/wind, need to use windscreen from now on

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/25/11 Pt. 1 First part of GA, includes report backs and announcements, and the first proposal for finance request for issues pertaining to police confiscation of audio truck; voting tallied in part 2

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/25/11/ Pt. 2  Audio equip. proposal passes; proposal for allowing amendments to proposals before voting at discretion of proposal creators, fails; action announcements; end GA, last minute announcement, observation that police may be surveiling and individuals at GA

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/27/11 Proposal for renaming Occupy postponed. Was not present for most of GA, but recording is complete.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/28/11 Quorum not reached on some proposals, low attendance on several consecutive days due to holiday weekend.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/30/11 GA in Fruitvale, first official GA held outside of OGP, in Fruitvale plaza. GA was preceded by action against ALEC, GA in total and ALEC action benefited from consecutitve translation on stage throughout. Quorum was lost by end.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/0311 Proposal for a community environmental action passes, Friday night GA, lost quorum, GA interrupted when police arrested someone on plaza, discussion ensues on issues of police and community

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/04/11 GA subsumed by proposal for decolonization, no other proposals were heard; GA broken up at end by impromptu demonstration.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/05/11 Picking up where GA left off yesterday, but w/new emergency proposals for funding for port shutdown, including money for sister occupations which created [minor] controversy. Proposal to have GA at actions sparked conversation about what GA is for, how to implement idea, accessibility, but quorum lost, so tabled.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/07/11 Because of the backlog on this archive, I’m unable to provide a summary here.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/0911 Because of the backlog on this archive, I’m unable to provide a summary here.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/11/11a Because of the backlog on this archive, I’m unable to provide a summary here.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/11/11b 2nd part of 12/11 GA. Because of the backlog on this archive, I’m unable to provide a summary here.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/14/11 GA lost quorum, turned into heated discussion about roundtable at Commonwealth Club scheduled for next day.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/16/11 lost quorum, assorted anxieties express through primal scream session, and then further, but less primal, scream session.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/18/11a Proposals voted to be completed first on agenda, Living document proposal passed, financial proposal for TAC passed, announcements…

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/18/11b Announcements, GA ends, spontaneous eruption of singing

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/19/11 GA held in east side of plaza to protect vigilers and umbrella people, finance request for Oscar Grant action passed, milling about, many umbrellas

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/21/11 GA, prop for egyptian solidarity passed, prop for action along side SFoccupy passed,

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/26/11 Quorum not reached, open discussion forum

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 12/28/11 no summary available

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 01/02/12 no summary available

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 01/04/12 no summary available

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 01/08/12 no summary available

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 01/29/12 GA day after the frustrated building occupation action. GA of over 200, multiple proposals passed, including May Day and Feb 6 action

Occupy Oakland–David Graeber and Andrej Grubacic in Conversation 12/29/12 After the attempt to occupy a building failed, Occupy Oakland still had portions of the Sunday event that had been planned for the festival, including this talk.

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 02/12/12 Pac Steel Worker Solidarity prop passed; San Quentin action committee demonstrate the unstoppable power of the “truth mob”

Occupy Oakland General Assembly 02/15/12 Quorum not reached, announcements, forum, committee report backs as usual

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