Who I am

My name is Jaime Omar Yassin. I write about Oakland mostly; and sometimes other things you may have wondered about.

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  1. Chris

    May 16, 2011


    I’ve been a reader of your site for some time now and think the content is great.
    I don’t know if you have seen this, but Wired just wrote a feature called, “Sons of Blackwater Open Corporate Spying Shop.”


    Anyway, I thought you and your community would be interested in it as Blackwater was very controversial and the Operation Able Danger guys also seemed to have an interesting past.

    The question i have is where is this going to lead and what do these guys really do??

    Best Regards,


  2. I like the blog. Where else can we find your writing?

  3. Hello Jaime,

    I’ve been following your writing for quite some time now and am impressed with the level of your writing skill. A would-be writer myself who has been on the Front Lines for the Middle-Class since 1977. I was going to post something to help those currently discussing the 19th & Telegraph Situation but decided that maybe it would be better if you sent me an email and I might share my observation with you. My only goal is helping Fellow Occupiers to understand the nature of tension in communities and how to better keep their eye on exactly who is opposing them especially when there is tension among the ranks. I’m surely no genius but have some miles behind me in port shutdowns and want to help settle the current tension in preparation for 12/12. If you can’t write I’ll think on it a bit longer. The last thing I want to do is possibly make things worse. The West Coast Shutdown is an Ambitious Plan and one worthy of Occupy Movements West. Best of luck and just keep doing what you’re doing. This is NOT my first rodeo and from my stand point you’re writing skills are a Cut Above the rest of the pack. Regards 1 Occupier to Another.


  4. John Seal

    March 18, 2012


    Please disregard any tweets you see from ‘Johnseal3’. Alan Kurtz is impersonating me on Twitter, presumably because I outed him as a professional anti-Occupy troll.




  5. Julie O

    August 13, 2012

    Omar, I’m trying to get in touch with you, with an invitation to a conference. Could you email me? My address is juliettejulianna [at] gmail . I believe Juliana S mentioned me? Thanks!!


  6. susanabulhawa383

    June 8, 2017

    Dear Jaime: I came upon your site after reading your piece on Gal Gadot. It is the best piece I’ve seen so far on the casting of a zionist in the role of wonder woman. thank you.


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