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Debunking Ex-Chief Kirkpatrick’s PR Offensive

March 7, 2020


The dismissal of Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick by the Oakland Police Commission and Oakland Mayor has had unintended outcomes. The banished public servant re-incorporated several days after her dismissal as a chimeric source of anti-oversight propaganda. Kirkpatrick’s post-firing jeremiads were now melded with complaints about Federal monitoring and the Police Commission—long a staple of […]

The Other, Other Side of the Kirkpatrick Firing Story: How Corporate Media Ignored, then Perverted My Reporting on the City’s Smears of Police Commissioner Harris

February 26, 2020


Last month, I reported on a 50k contract outgoing City Administrator Sabrina Landreth paid to a private investigator, Public Interest Investigations, to investigate a community-appointed Police Commissioner. The contract was ostensibly to investigate claims about Harris that had been made by City employees. Some of these claims were disproved a short time later—as they had […]

Mayor’s “State of the City” Address “Not in Accord” with Charter, Says Assistant City Attorney Doryanna Moreno

February 7, 2020


After avoiding the issue for months, at least since October, when the Mayor missed her Charter-required State of the City address before Council, the City Attorney’s office finally stated an opinion on the matter during a brief comment at the Rules Committee meeting, February 6, 2019. Moreno stated: “The meeting that is scheduled for tomorrow…the […]

Landreth Leaves Legacy of Obstruction at Oakland Police Commission

January 7, 2020


Though many Oakland City Administrators leave their position in a shroud of scandal, current Administrator Sabrina Landreth seems to be leaving on a flat note. When she announced her resignation earlier this month [effective March 2020], local papers reported that she characterized her time at the City as one of cultivation, where she had gifted […]

Black, White, Blue: To Understand Where HBO’s Watchmen Succeeded, We Need to Understand How Moore’s Watchmen Failed

December 29, 2019


  Like many, I’m still struggling with the disappointments of the HBO Watchmen series, mostly because of how good it was at the start. Recasting the African American struggle against white supremacy as a superhero origin story was a show-stopper, but Damon Lindelof’s production had very obvious failures elsewhere that are by now well-noted. The […]

Tuff Shed City: How Tool Sheds and a Few Parking Spaces Became Oakland’s Only Emergency Homelessness Response

December 20, 2019


Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s Administration spent most of 2018 and 2019 etching into stone her signature emergency homelessness solution—what Schaaf calls “community cabins” and “safe parking” sites for live-in vehicles. The Community Cabins/Safe Parking model is made possible by City Council’s declaration of a shelter crisis emergency in 2017, which allows emergency homelessness responses by […]

The City’s Damage Control on My SWAP Workers Piece

October 26, 2019


The City tried to spin DPW spokesperson Sean Maher’s response to my reporting by opening a records request in my name and submitting the SWAP contract. Though I didn’t ask for the document, and it didn’t answer any of my questions, the kerfuffle revealed even more information DPW was trying to hide.    I recently […]