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Oakland Council Votes on Proposed ‘Zoning-Anywhere’ Rules for City Tuffsheds and RV/V Encampments

May 20, 2019


Oakland’s City Council will vote Tuesday, May 20, on relaxing Planning and Zoning rules for Tuff Sheds and planned RV/Vehicle camps managed by the City of Oakland. The move continues the City’s push to codify its ad hoc responses for homelessness into city laws governing emergency shelter policies. The City Administrator is asking City Council […]

Cold Comfort for the Homeless: The City Council will Vote on Codifying its Spartan, Unheated Tuffshed Design into Permanent Emergency Shelter Law Tuesday

May 5, 2019


The Oakland City Council is considering an ordinance that would codify into law the health, safety and building standards the city currently uses informally for homeless encampment Tuffsheds. The move would add the standards into the city’s building code for use whenever an “emergency shelter crisis”–like the current one declared in 2017–is in effect. The […]

Oakland City Council Splits on Education Items: No to Collecting Taxes for Measure AA; Yes to OUSD Library/Restorative Justice Aid

April 19, 2019


The Oakland City Council voted on Tuesday to instruct the City Administration to not collect Measure AA taxes. In another vote, Council also directed the city to use a year-end surplus to re-fund the Oakland Unified School District’s Library and Restorative Justice positions. Both items drew a large crowd of overlapping and diverse speakers from […]

Oakland Police Commissioner Claims City Administrator & City Attorney Have Obstructed the Commission

April 10, 2019


The Oakland City Administrator’s Office has prevented the Oakland Police Commission from fulfilling certain elements of the Police Commission enabling ordinance–the law that grants the Commission its legal status and powers over the Oakland Police Department–according to public testimony given by Police Commissioner, Edwin Prather. Prather gave the testimony during a public comment period for […]

Chair of Oakland Chamber of Commerce May Have Violated Oakland Campaign Finance Law for Years

March 13, 2019


  Oakland public records suggest that Robert Zachary Wasserman, the Chair of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, violated Oakland’s Campaign finance laws from 2017 to 2019 campaign cycles. Oakland’s Campaign Reform Act forbids individuals, companies or organizations or their principals from donating to city candidates from the time they begin negotiations with the city–defined as […]

Sutter Hotel Owner Sues City of Oakland Over Residential Hotel Conversion Ban

February 27, 2019


584 14th St LLC, the owner of the Sutter Hotel,  filed suit against the city of Oakland last month in an attempt to invalidate recently passed City of Oakland rules that bar  demolition or conversion of residential hotels (aka SRO hotels). 584 14th St also seeks an injunction against the city to prevent it applying […]

Extremely Civil Parasites: Post-Election Reports Detail One Lobbyists Inordinate Control of Oakland Politics

February 3, 2019


Semi-annual financial disclosure reports were handed in to the Oakland Ethics Commission Friday, and they reveal vast–actually unprecedented–spending in the 2018 city council and mayoral elections. Specifically, the anti-Desley Brooks PAC started by Police Commissioner Jose Dorado, Oaklanders for Responsible Leadership […], reported final fund-raising of $163,000, and spending of $195,000. This was by far […]