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The Curious Case of the Backchannel Notebook: An Oakland City Council Mystery

July 20, 2018


A funny thing happened on the way to the Oakland City Council Community and Economic Development Committee meeting on July 17th. Let me back up a bit. I usually sit on the second floor balcony at city council meetings and its not just because I’m a misanthrope. It lets me better focus on events. From […]

Public Lands for Corporate Good: the Derby Street Parcel Sale Proves Oakland Needs a Public Lands Policy

July 1, 2018


Like many public land sales that come before the Oakland City Council, the Derby Street parcel sale was set to glide beneath public notice when it began its final journey of council approval in May, 2018–a perfunctory committee nod and a quick set of ayes at an unnoticed city council meeting seemed assured. But there […]

The United Front Against Desley Brooks

May 17, 2018


Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf launched her current assault against District 6 Council Person Desley Brooks, in April–ironically, in the midst of “honoring” the work of fellow council person Annie Campbell Washington. Washington announced she was retiring, setting the stage for Schaaf’s attack with a subsoundbite against “the corruption” at city council. Schaaf picked up the […]

The Ghosts of the Miller Library: the city of Oakland conspired to keep a historic building blighted and useless. But who paid the price, and who benefitted?

March 26, 2018


I’ve been involved with the Miller Library building at 15th st. and Miller Ave for about six years. It started with a major spectacle event where I and many community members took over the building in 2012. We filled it with books and created a day long people’s fair around the building. That day, kids […]

The Killmonger Compromise: How a CIA Agent and a Black Revolutionary Combine Forces to Preserve the Status Quo in Marvel’s Black Panther

February 22, 2018


There don’t seem to be many spoilers left to give away for Black Panther. Almost everyone in the universe has seen the film who had even a mild interest, and those who haven’t seem happy to throw down in the Killmonger was wrong-right dialectic its spawned. So, spoiler alert, if you are bothered about that […]

Source File Corrupt: The Left’s Faustian Bargain with the ADL and the SPLC

February 18, 2018


The Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center were two ancient orgs slumping into the horizon with barnacled hulls and weather-beaten jackets, when antifascist¬†fever took off around 2015. ADL’s rep as a right-wing organization that had spied on left of center organizations and Black political groups for years was common knowledge. Most of the […]

Re: Your Bad Hot Take on Charles Manson

November 28, 2017


Many years ago, when people still read whatever was lying around to fight downtime boredom, I picked up and read a discarded copy of the biography of Charles Manson, Manson in His Own Words, by Nuel Emmons. Like almost everyone under 60 today, my knowledge of Manson up to that point came from cultural inheritance […]